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In India, some Sikhs sought independence from Punjab and even launched armed operations. The Indian government classifies some Sikhs and Sikh orgview lottery resultsanizations as extremists and terrorist organizations.

Old American woman wins the lottery and sues her son for embezzling 51 million lottery prizes

Delhi now has less than 100 ICU beds for coronavirus patients, said CM Arvind Kejriwal. Virtually addressing the people of Delhi on Sunday, the Chief Minister said the national capital is witnessing an upward trajectory in terms of new confirmed cases of Covid-19.

According to the report, the man who won the prize money plans to buy a new house, change a new car, and will share part of the prize money with his family.

Dube pointed out that Indian families have long faced green cards or permanent residency, and they face huge personal and professional challenges. Dubei said that when faced with work, financial or health threats, the problem of separation from family members is even more serious. Due to Covid-19, many people working or living in the United States are stranded in India. They may not come back until the end of this year. This will prolong their separation from their families and separate them. It is much more difficult for them to keep their jobs in the United States. He added.

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